Essential Information for the Sitter
Going out without the kids means that there’s no need to pack a diaper bag. But, before getting too footloose and fancy free, be sure to write down information that will enable the babysitter to handle emergencies – big or small.

Everyone develops their own critical list over time. Dawn Meglino, who started the MOMS Club of Rye Brook, errs on the side of too much information. She suggests leaving “everything that you possibly can.”

Don't reinvent the wheel each time you leave the house. Print out our free emergency information page that you can use and reuse for each outing by just changing your destination information.

Here’s a glance at the information that some Westchester parents and childcare professionals leave for their babysitters:

• children's names and birth dates

• home address and phone number

• contact numbers for parents, including work, other locations and cell phone

• contact numbers for nearby neighbors or family members

• physician, dentist, hospital and insurance information

• instructions and contacts for an emergency – fire, police, poison control center

• any food or drug allergies for each child