Enhance Your Work/Life Flexibility

Suzan Doer and her husband are co-owners of a subcontracting company. "When our baby was born, I tried using day care, babysitters and family so I could continue my vital presence at the office," she says. "But nothing worked."

The difficulty of balancing work and family is a common strain many parents experience. Discovering a healthy balance between your job and family is critical to your well-being, your child’s well-being and is also important to your employer. There are a number of recent technological advances that now make the effort to balance work and family a little easier.

Susan Doer was able to eliminate some of the stress she had been experiencing after discovering a revolutionary new software product called GoToMyPC™. She found she could leave work early and finish from home. "Being able to connect to our computers at the office from our home computer gave both my husband and I freedom from stress and allowed me stay-at-home quality time with our son," Doer says. "Having the fireplace going and my son playing next to me while I do payroll is a miracle!”

Developed by Expertcity, Inc., GoToMyPC is a remote-access solution software that enables users to remotely access and work on their PCs from any Internet location. Expertcity, Inc., founded in 1997, has become the leading provider of Web-based remote-access and customer-support technologies.

GoToMyPC™ allows users unlimited access to their computers from any Web browser anywhere and enables them to conveniently and securely access email, files, programs and network resources from home or the road.

Imagine the possibilities…

  • Avoid rush-hour traffic

  • Pay less for child care

  • Spend more time with your family

  • Organize your work from home