Dreams & Puzzles

Lanny Sherwin – creator, writer and producer of the popular Dream With Me Tonight: Lullabies for All Ages – has penned another winner with a focus on dads: Dream with Me Tonight, Volume 2: A Father’s Lullabies. Sherwin knows how to craft a song, match the perfect singer to the songs and produce it all with aplomb. In this case, gifted vocalist Gene Miller gets the nod and hits a home run each time.

“Children are more sophisticated about music than many people give them credit for,” says Sherwin. “We try to create lyrics and melodies that will appeal to all age groups.” Songwriters draw inspiration from all sorts of people, places and things, and the rhyme and reason usually make sense later. For example, for this album, a magazine ad for a T-shirt company became “Frog Dreams,” an absent security toy fostered “My Monkey Is Missing,” and my personal favorite, “Rock, Rattle and Roll,” trades one kind of rocking for another. In addition to the 11 songs, there are four instrumental tracks that should have your little ones snoozing in no time. 

Dream with Me Tonight, Volume 2: A Father’s Lullabies, Sherwin Communications, $12.98 CD; 800-927-9848,

The latest outing of two talented chaps, It’s A Puzzle, ties bluegrass and rockabilly musical roots to sharp witty lyrics. They provide a fresh slant on familiar subjects, from creepy school lunches (“Why I Pack My Lunch”) and bad manners (“The Goops”), to silly songs (“La La Land”) and teen-talk (“It’s Like”). The musicianship is top-notch, the singing is great, the arrangements rock, and the recording, clichés aside, is truly for the whole family.

It’s A Puzzle, Trout Fishing in America, Trout Records, $14.98 CD; 888-439-8342,

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