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About the Straight Talk About Schools Podcasts: Award-winning teacher, education writer and author of the new book Straight Talk About Schools Today, Judy Molland shares some practical advice for parents on how to help their children be successful in school.
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When Students Have Social Struggles or Behavioral Issues
In a previous segment, we talked about how to handle a student’s academic struggles, but often school-related struggles aren’t about math or reading, they’re about social interactions or behavior. Judy shares insights on how to tell if your child is having social or behavioral problems, when to worry about it, and what to do if there is cause for concern.


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Bullying: A Very Real Problem in Schools Today
Childhood bullying is an age old issue, but it is increasing in incidence and severity. And while bullying is not exclusive to the school yard or the school bus, those are common settings. Mix in the new opportunities for cyber bullying and a parent has plenty of cause for concern if she thinks her child is being victimized. Judy offers tips on how to tell if your child is being bullied – or doing the bullying – and how to handle it.

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