Dinosaurs on the Web
October, the month of harvests and haunts, is also a celebratory month for some famous fossilized beasts – dinosaurs. Dig for dinos at dozens of dino-mite sites on the Web during the International Month of the Dinosaur.

Discover the truth about these almost-mythic creatures at the Dinosaur Database where you can learn about “The Age of the Dinosaur,” also called the Mesozoic Era. Link to the ultimate Dinosaur Dictionary where you can listen to the pronunciation of 300 dinosaur names by clicking on their phonetic spelling.

Go interactive at the Jurassic Park Institute an offshoot of the movie Jurassic Park. The Web site, however, is not a scary one; instead it contains some fun infotainment and real scientific news about dinosaurs. Kids can even join the JPI Rangers Club (for $12.95 a year) and get full access to a host of fossil fun. Try the 10-day free trial first to see if your pint-sized paleontologist really digs it.

Fossil finders find out what it takes to uncover and preserve fossils, including dino skeletons and eggs, at Denver Museum of Nature & Science’s Follow A Fossil site and the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History’s Tiniest Giants site.

Looking for the ultimate dinosaur crafts? Download-a-Dinosaur. Just print out these dynamic dinosaur figures and with a couple of scissor snips and dabs of glue, you’ll have several powerful 3-D paper dinos to decorate a room, a wall or a table. Zoom over to, part of the Enchanted Learning Web. You’ll dig up simple fact sheets of select dinos that include pictures you can color.

For off-line dino-mite fun, take a safari into some terrific board games that sneak dinosaur science in with the fun. Go to Let’s Play Dino!

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From United Parenting Publications, October 2002.