Decorating Your Baby's Nursery On A Budget


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Finding out you’re expecting is one of the most exciting days in a woman’s life. That day isnursery decor also the beginning of many changes and planning. One of the things many expecting parents have to start preparing for is the baby’s nursery. These simple and affordable ideas are excellent ways to add personalization.

Vinyl Wall Décor
Adding vinyl décor to nursery walls is an easy way to add personality to a room. They are great for nurseries because they are not permanent and can be peeled off versus repainting a wall when you decide to change the décor. Etsy has many options that can be personalized in what they say as well as colors, design, size, etc.

Chalkboard Paint
This is one of the greatest ideas for a nursery, especially when the child gets old enough to draw. Paint a section of the wall and your child can add their artistic flair to their room. While they’re too young to utilize the space Mom and Dad can write sayings or draw anything their heart desires.

Do It Yourself!
There are so many great decor ideas online for nurseries. One great place to start is Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can find lots of creative projects that you can complete while your baby is napping. From wall art to storage solutions, Pinterest has fun DIY projects for a “haute” nursery. Check out the Nursery Decorating Pinboard for more ideas.

Paper Poms
Hanging paper poms in colors that match the feel of the nursery is an excellent way to add flair and additional color to the room. They are very easy to make and inexpensive. Use colors that match your theme, as well as some bright contrasts that will be perfect for your baby’s growing brain.

These are easy do it yourself ways to add personality to your child’s nursery without spending a ton and they can be easily changed. For more decorating ideas visit

Special Note: Be Careful With Hand-Me-Downs!

If you’re inheriting a crib from a relative, it’s probably best to purchase a new crib if you can. In 2010, the Consumer Product Safety Commission outlawed the sale of drop-side cribs, the majority of cribs produced prior to that year. You could also be exposing your baby to lead paint or other hazardous chemicals if you’re using a hand-me-down changing table or dresser. Make sure that the furniture that you use is painted with non-toxic paint and is sturdy and safe. Hand-me-down clothes and toys are fine, but for some of these items (cribs especially) buying new may be your best bet.