De-Cluttering Strategies to Live By
Follow these tips from professional organizers to help your home life and family life run more smoothly:

At Home

ē Always buy shelving with adjustable height so that they can fit changing needs.

rdana"> Create a family filing system.

rdana"> If there are six pictures of a birthday party and only two worth keeping, trash the rest. When albums are on sale, buy them and then put photos directly into the albums.

rdana"> Donít leave a project out on a table as a reminder. Put it on a to-do list, assign it a priority, then put it on your calendar.

rdana"> Create a portable office Ė especially important for moms and dads who have a study at one end of the house but pay their bills at the kitchen counter at the other end. Whether itís a cart on wheels or a portable folder, it should include stamps, envelopes, a stapler and scissors.

On the Go

rdana"> Make an out-the-door list for everyone, so youíll know at a glance what youíre missing.

rdana"> Put a variety of small toys in a one-gallon Ziploc bag to use in the car or in the doctorís waiting room.