Craft a Valentine’s Day Surprise

These cute Valentine’s Day crafts are a perfect way to say I love you and are simple enough for little hands to make and plenty of fun for everyone in the family.

Book of LoveBook of Love

Use a heart-shaped paper punch or heart templates found at a craft store to build a sweet book for notes, autographs or pictures.

Punch or cut out heart shapes from heavy cardstock for a cover and pages.

Punch holes through all pages and cover. Bind the pages together using ribbon or binder rings (from an office supply store).

Then decorate.



Puffy LovePuffy Love

Kids can sew and stuff these huggable hearts to give to their favorite Valentines.

Fold a piece of red fabric in half and freehand cut a heart shape.

Thread a needle with a matching or complementary color of thread and sew around the outside edge of the heart, leaving a hole to stuff it.

Stuff the heart with fiberfill, fabric scraps or batting.

Once it is stuffed, sew the hole closed. Sew on buttons or other trimmings to embellish.

To create a “hanger” for the heart, fold a 12-inch length of ribbon or yarn in half and sew both raw ends to the “v” in the heart. 

Special DeliverySpecial Delivery

Remember the excitement of getting a card in the mail? 

Craft a mailbox for each member of the family using a shoebox, decorative papers and stickers.

Or, make these little mailbags out of paper lunch sacks decorated with craft supplies.

Punch a hole on each side of the bag and tie a ribbon through.

Hang the bags on everyone’s bedroom doorknob. Throughout the month drop little notes or treats in everyone’s mailbox.