Contact and Emergency Information for Visiting Grandchildren
Whether your grandchildren are visiting for the evening, the week, or the entire summer, be sure to collect this information as part of preparing for the visit:

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• Your grandchild’s contact information, if he or she won’t be at home. Be sure that you have work and cell phone numbers for both parents. If the parents are traveling while the grandchildren are with you, get their itinerary and hotel names and phone numbers.

• Pediatrician’s name and contact information

• Health insurance card

• Signed medical treatment permission form from your grandchild’s parent

• Medication and details on administering it

• Medical information: allergies to food, medication, dust, pollen, etc.

• Information about any fears your grandchild has: fear of the dark, animals, large crowds, thunder, etc.

• Post your own town emergency numbers near the telephone, including the poison control center.

Think also about safety precautions in your home, car and yard. In a household without children, people tend to be more casual about leaving tools or dangerous materials within reach. If you have guns in the house, store them in a locked cabinet.

If you go out for excursions with young grandchildren, remember to take some water, a first-aid kit and a plan for finding each other if you get separated.

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