Common Warning Signs of Learning Disabilities

Although most children experience difficulties with learning and behavior from time to time, a consistent pattern of the following behaviors over time should be considered an indication to seek further help.


Trouble or delayed development in:

• learning the alphabet

• rhyming words

• connecting sounds and letters

• counting and learning numbers

• using scissors, crayons and paints

• reacting too little or too much

• using words or stringing them together into phrases

• remembering the names of colors

• dressing without assistance

Young Students

Trouble with:

• learning new vocabulary

• speaking in full sentences

• retelling stories

• remembering newly learned information

• playing with peers

• moving from one activity to another

• expressing thoughts orally or in writing

• self-esteem

• remembering routines

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    Adapted from “About LD,” available on the
  • NationalCenter for Learning Disabilities Web site,

    From United Parenting Publications, March.