Colorado's Best Companies 2006: 4th Place, Small Business Category (1-99 employees)





• Full medical coverage for dependents with a 20-hour/week minimum.

• Easy-to-arrange flextime and telecommuting.

• New short-term disability program allows three months at full pay.

• Good retirement/pension plan and employee stock sharing.

• Pays 100 percent of tuition (up to $5,250 per year) for continuing education.

The MA&D (microanalysis and design) Operation of Alion Science and Technology concerns itself with things we humans do. Mary Beth Laughery, human resources manager, explains, “We focus on computer simulation and modeling with an emphasis on human factors.” In this technical environment, Laughery stresses the importance of the company’s need to nurture families and individuals. “We recognize that people have lives outside of work, and we want them to be successful in both areas.”


“Flexibility is key to the culture of Alion MA&D,” Laughery says. Flexible work schedules, including work from home, are offered, and the short-term disability program “now covers three months at full pay, which is good for new parents.” An employee assistance program (EAP) and Lifeworks plan provide counseling services in areas of personal need. An enrichment program offers help in work-life balance.


Laughery adds, “We’ve put a number of people through master’s degrees, and we have a scholarship program for children of employees.” Family life is celebrated throughout the year with events such as baby showers, holiday celebrations and summer park outings. At holiday time, the staff adopts families through Boulder Social Services.


A popular annual event is a weekend in Vail. Laughery explains, “Everyone gets a room and breakfast for two days. It’s a thank-you for all the hard work throughout the past year.”


All employees, and their families, are eligible for health insurance with a minimum 20-hour workweek. Life insurance is paid in full for full-time staff (30 hours or more). Plans such as KSOP and 401(k) are other benefits in this employee-owned company, which also distributes shares to staff.


Laughery appreciates staff efforts toward company success, the values of a work-life balance and respect for families.