Colorado's Best Companies 2006: 4th Place, Nonprofit Category



Glenwood Springs,



• A wide range of flex-time options.

• Three full-time work-life balance coordinators.

• On-site childcare center at reduced cost.

• On-site concierge service includes auto care.

• Extended health care benefits and pension contributions.

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helps employees take advantage of their great location. Daniel Biggs, administrative director of human resources, says, “We don’t want families to live and work here without taking part of the wonderful amenities available in Colorado.”


To that end, the hospital offers discounted ski, golf, raft and pool passes, and flexible schedules make it easy to use them. Shifts of four or six hours, job-sharing and telecommuting are available. Part-time employment is considered at 16 hours minimum, at which point full benefits are available. “We want employees to be part of their family’s lives,” Biggs says.


Excellent benefits are just part of the whole package. “We offer discounted medical care over and above medical benefits,” says Biggs, adding, “We contribute to an employee retirement account regardless of whether they do or not.” In addition, there is a variety of defined benefit pension plans available. Health insurance covers vision, alternative health, chiropractic and massage therapy and includes common-law partners.


An on-site childcare center offers greatly reduced rates. The hospital also allows for up to $5,000 per year pre-tax contribution toward childcare services. Discounts are available for local fitness centers, and the hospital offers a wellness program plus health screenings free of charge.


Biggs talks about an atypical benefit: “We have three work-life balance coordinators. Their whole job is to take care of our employees. They can call for anything – finding help with elderly relatives, schools for children or benefits concerns.” They’ll also offer help if employees have difficulty meeting their bills. An employee assistance program is yet another resource available.


On-site concierge services currently include dry-cleaning drop-off and pick-up, an employee health clinic and auto services such as oil changes and detailing. On-going education is encouraged, too. “We offer scholarships to employees and to anyone who wants to work for the hospital. There is tuition reimbursement for hospital-related studies,” Biggs explains, adding, “These things are growing” as employees express their needs.