Cold Weather Health Tips For Women


by Dr. Yael Halaas

As the cooler weather begins, the light-hearted summer days become a distant memory.Yael HalaasAutumn heralds a great time to focus seriously on our health and well-being.  Every year, women need to make sure they schedule their yearly physicals, Pap smears and skin cancer checks.  Since the cold air drives us all to huddle indoors, women need to stay smart to keep healthy in the winter season.

One of the first illnesses that prey upon women during the winter is the common cold.  More people indoors means more germs are being spread and shared.  Make sure all common surfaces like phones and computer keyboards are routinely disinfected.  Always wash hands before touching your eyes, nose or mouth.  Take Cold-EEZE zinc gluconate lozenge or oral spray at the first sign of cold symptoms to decrease the duration of a cold by up to 42%.

Another side effect of the winter doldrums is weight gain.  Combat the extra winter pounds by maintaining an exercise regimen, avoid late-night snacks.  Even a small yearly weight gain of a few extra pounds can add extra work to our cardiovascular system.  When exercising in the colder weather, dress in layers, wear a hat and use clothing fabrics that wick away the perspiration while keeping you warm.

Beat the winter blues by catching a few minutes of sunlight.  Spending a few minutes outdoors provides us with some necessary sunshine to help with vitamin D and seasonal depression in mood.  Remember however that UV rays still can cause wrinkles and skin cancer so do not forget the sunscreen!