Checklist for Finding the Right Resort for Your Family
Resorts offer families the chance to try new activities, practice favorite sports or just relax – together or apart. Keep your children’s ages and interests in mind as you research the possibilities: preschoolers will need activities, schedules and food choices designed just for them; and school-age children should be able to select from a wide range of activities. Use our checklist to plan your family’s next vacation.


 What types of accommodations are available?

• Condos or cottages

• Hotel rooms with connecting rooms or suites

• Extended-family accommodations

• Handicapped-accessible rooms

• Kitchen or refrigerator

• Bathtub or shower

• Privacy for adults

• Childproofing

• Pets allowed

Dining and Snacks

What are the dining options for adults and children? (Do families dine together or do kids eat separately?)

What meals are covered?

>            • Breakfast

>            • Lunch

>            • Dinner

>            • Snacks

>Is food available throughout the day?

>Room service: Are meals available in room or villa?

>What kind of kid-friendly food is available at meals and in between?

>Are picnics available?

>Is alcohol included with meals? Later in the evening?

>Is there a dress code?

Children’s Programs

>Are they in session during your visit?

>What are the age divisions?

>Is there a full-time director?

>How much training do staff members receive?

>Are staff members water-safety certified?

>What types of activities and schedule are offered? (Ask for a sample.)

>How long are activity sessions?

>What is the ratio of kids to counselors

>Facilities – Does the kids’ program have:

>• use of all resort opportunities?

>• dedicated program space?

Family Programs/Amenities

What planned activities are offered for families?

>• Adventure

>• Sports

>• Nature

>• Crafts

>• Evening activities

>• Local expeditions

What amenities are available at the resort?

>• Lawn games and board games?

>• Game room?

>• Playground?

>• Lifeguards (poolside and/or beach)?

>• Pool/hot tub?

>• Children’s pool (water slides)?

>• Instruction for independent swimming, golf, tennis, sailing, fishing, skiing, etc.?

>• Equipment available or for rent?

• Kid-size equipment?

• Concierge or advisor for off-premises adventures?

• Naturalist?

Adult Facilities/Programs

What kind of sports facilities and instruction are offered?

Waterfront activities and instruction?


Fitness room (ask about equipment, personal trainers)?

Educational programs


Distance from airport or train station?

Transportation available from airport or train station?

Van available for expeditions?


Daily peak family or per-person adult and children’s rates

Daily off-peak family or per-person adult and children’s rates

• Off-season rate?

• Midweek discounts?

Packages (priced by time, activities, meals included, etc.)

Details on what’s included and what’s extra (children’s program; meals, snacks, and drinks; sports activities and instruction

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