Chat Room Lingo

Even the most computer-literate parent may need help in understanding a childís Internet world Ė especially in the ultra-insider arena of chat rooms. The following are acronyms for common phrases used in chat rooms gathered by Symantec, an Internet security company.

AFAIK = as far as I know

Are Your Kids Safe on the Internet?

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  • AFK = away from keyboard

    ASL = age sex location

    BB = bathroom break

    BBL = be back later

    BBS = be back soon

    BF = boyfriend

    BRB = be right back

    BTW = by the way

    CUL8R or CULR =

    see you later

    lass=MsoNormal>cuz = because

    lass=MsoNormal>DN = donít know

    lass=MsoNormal>FYI = for your information

    lass=MsoNormal>G2G = got to go

    lass=MsoNormal>GF = girlfriend

    lass=MsoNormal>GG = gotta go

    lass=MsoNormal>HW = homework

    lass=MsoNormal>IDC = I donít care

    lass=MsoNormal>IDK = I donít know

    lass=MsoNormal>IMO = in my opinion

    lass=MsoNormal>JAS = just a second

    lass=MsoNormal>JK = just kidding

    lass=MsoNormal>KOTC = kiss on the cheek

    lass=MsoNormal>LMAO = laughing my a*@ off

    lass=MsoNormal>LOL = laugh out loud

    lass=MsoNormal>LYL = love you lots

    lass=MsoNormal>LYLAS or LYLAB = love you

    lass=MsoNormal>like a sister or love you like

    lass=MsoNormal>a brother

    lass=MsoNormal>NFC = no f*@king clue

    lass=MsoNormal>NM or NVM = nevermind

    lass=MsoNormal>NP = no problem

    lass=MsoNormal>OMG = Oh, my God

    lass=MsoNormal>OTOH = on the other hand

    lass=MsoNormal>POS = parent over shoulder

    lass=MsoNormal>ROFLOL = rolling on floor

    laughing out loud

    SN = screen name

    SRY = sorry

    sup = Whatís up

    SW = so what?

    TMI = too much information

    TTYL = talk to you later

    TY = thank you

    u = you

    WTF = what the f*@k?

    y = why

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