Changing Schools Mid-Year

It may be especially difficult for a child to assimilate into a class if he or she is starting a new school in the middle of the year. Here are some things you can do to help your child with the transition:

  • Ask the principal and teachers of the old school to call the new school. In this way, the staff at the new school can find out what your child has learned so far and what areas he may need help in.
  • Tell your child's current teacher as early as possible that a move is imminent. Ask him or her to talk to the new teacher about your child's strengths, vulnerabilities and learning style.
  • Discuss with your child's teacher how the parting will be handled in the classroom. Perhaps classmates could write letters or a story for the child to take along. 

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    Changing Schools Mid-Year

  • Observe the new teacher and class before your child enrolls, or attend a special school event.
  • Transport old school records to the new school yourself. Review them first for information that is inappropriate, incorrect, unfair or irrelevant.
  • Review the new school's curriculum with your child.
  • Try to maintain contact with old school friends.