Changing Diapers, And Households

Move over, moms. You're not the only ones taking time off work to take care of a new baby. According to Oxygen/Markle Pulse, 70 percent of women and 63 percent of men agree that it is important for a father to take parental leave for at least two weeks following the birth of a child.

But Dads, don't make the mistake of thinking this time off is a vacation. Mom and baby will soon make you think otherwise. If you're not a pro diaper changer, relax, you soon will be. And if you're not great at housework, take heart, practice makes perfect and the following tips will get you on your way.

  • Vacuum the house for your wife to give her back a break. Remember to vacuum your way out of a room by starting in the far corner and working toward the door.
  • Keep your little one from inhaling cleaning fumes. When cleaning, spray the product directly onto a cloth, then wipe the surface.
  • Soap scum is the ultimate workout! Work on those bulging biceps while scrubbing the tub clean. Use a Dobie scrubber for soap scum and a grout brush to remove grime from tile. To clean the shower curtain, just stick it in the washer and lay flat to dry.
  • Use your brute strength and surprise your wife by moving appliances like stoves and refrigerators and cleaning behind them.
  • Get your floors so clean you won't mind if your baby eats off them! Scrub them by hand using mild disinfectant and warm water.
  • Enlist other children's help with household chores by making them fun. Pretend the toy box is a basketball net and the toys are basketballs. Have your child try to score points by getting the toys in the toy box.
  • For a special finishing touch that is sure to make your wife smile, use a drop of baby oil on stainless steel sinks to make them sparkle.

So while baby is content and mom is resting, tackle the housework. Your effort will be rewarded -- in about six weeks!