Can Parents Remain Friends In Spite of the Kids?

Can moms sustain their friendship when the kids are no longer friends?

It'd definitely possible says
Marianne Chasen, parenting expert and author of The Sacred Weave of Mothering (Aslan, 2002). She offers moms these friendship survival tips:

• Try to cultivate the friendship apart from the children whether by phone, e-mail or when the children are in school. Mom’s night out is just one option.

• If the moms want to include their children in a get-together, make it event-oriented, such as a movie, party, barbecue or day at the beach. An event enables the children to socialize without having to be one-on-one.

• Use the opportunity to teach your children about friendship – every friendship doesn
’t have to be a best friend. There are casual friends. Show them your criteria for picking a friend.

• Reinforce to them that it’s their time of life to discover what kinds of friends work best for them.

• Remember that friendships change as we grow. Parents have to know it
’s OK that children may not stay close friends.

• Lastly, don
’t force a friendship that’s not working for them.