Camp Quiz

>Overnight Camp: Is Your Child Ready? Take our quiz and find out!

>For many children, going off to overnight camp is a summer ritual. It's a chance for them to shed the stress of the school year, embark on new adventures with new friends and experience life sans mom and dad. But not all children are prepared to cut the apron strings. Is your child ready for overnight camp? Take our quiz and find out!

>1. How old is your child?

> 5 to 6 years old.

> 6 to 9 years old.

> 10 or older.

>2. How many nights has your child spent away from home without you?

> Never. We're inseparable.

> One to 10 nights. She's just starting to sleep over at friends' and relatives' houses.

> More than 10 nights. She enjoys sleeping over at friends' houses and spending the occasional weekend with her grandparents.

>3. Does your child share a bedroom with a sibling?

> No.

> No, but he did at one time.

> Yes.

>4. Is your child good at making friends?

> Not really. He prefers spending time with me to playing with other kids.

> Sometimes. He needs a little time to get to know people.

> Definitely. He's a social butterfly unafraid to spread his wings.


5. Your child's personality mirrors that of which film star?
Greta Garbo. The shy, anxious type who wishes to be left alone.
Elijah Wood. Slow to warm up but becomes more outgoing after a few days.
Tom Cruise. Always ready for action; loves embarking on new adventures and tackling challenges.
6. Which of the following describes your child's sleep habits?
Tosses and turns; wakes several times a night.
A pretty good sleeper who still has occasional nightmares.
Can sleep through anything!
7. How well does your child listen and obey instructions?
Not very well. She'd rather march to her own beat than listen or follow directions.
Some days are better than others. She can listen carefully and obey instructions, but sometimes she gets confused and frustrated.
Very well. She's an attentive, careful listener.
8. Does your child suffer from any of the following: allergies, bedwetting, emotional or behavioral problems?
Yes, frequently.
This quiz is for entertainment and/or information educational purposes.  It is not designed to be a substitute for professional advice or care.  When trying to ascertain your child’s readiness for preschool, it is best to contact and interview with preschools in your area.