Butterfly Sing-Alongs

Sing these songs with your child to bring back memories of the wonderful together-time you shared with your caterpillar and butterfly projects! Your child will learn language acquisition, gross motor skills, creative expression and rhythm and melody.

‘Sleepy Caterpillars’

Let’s go to sleep; the little caterpillars said

(wiggle fingers)

As they tucked themselves into their beds.

(make fists)

They will awaken by and by,

(open hand, one finger at a time)

and each one will be a lovely butterfly.

(hook thumbs together with fingers forming "wings.")


Bright colored butterfly

(connect thumbs and wiggle fingers)

Looking for honey, (pretend eyeglasses)

Spread your wings and fly away,

(separate hands and wiggle fingers)

While it’s hot and sunny.

(arms into round sun)

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