Books and Bookstores Rule!

Kathleen KrullBy Kathleen Krull, NAPPA Book Judge
These days, so many distractions compete for children’s attention and the situation seems to becomes more dire by the year. Technological marvels may be just that – perfectly marvelous. But how about those things that: (1) go anywhere with you, (2) can easily be shared with the favorite people in your life, (3) don’t require batteries or electricity and (4) are the gifts of brilliant writers and artists who sweated blood to create them?

Hold on to what opens your mind, expands your horizons, educates, stimulates, inspires, asks the great questions in life, shows how to be a human being, makes you fall on the floor laughing (or weeping) and even, some studies show, keeps you out of prison. That’s a lot to ask from books. But books deliver, again and again. And they’re fun to cuddle up with – and even better when you add a child or two in that embrace.

So, how to choose what to read? Start with this year’s illustrious NAPPA winners. Also, ask knowledgeable book people at your favorite local independent bookstore. To find your closest store, check out your local parenting publications, visit IndieBound or try this targeted list of wonderful children’s bookstores.
Books rule! It’s up to us parents to incorporate books into our children’s lives and make sure that this generation of book readers isn’t the last.