Book Reviews: Daddy, Read Me a Story!

For many dads, the perfect summer day ends with a few moments of quality time with his little ones. One of the best ways to enjoy some one-on-one time is with a fluffy pillow and a few books. Here are some recent dad-oriented releases that are worth checking out:

Father and Son Read-Aloud Stories (Big Guy Books, $12.95; ages 4 to 8) offers a cache of six classic tales retold by Robert Gould and illustrated by Lara Gurin. Drawing from father-son perspectives, each fable features male characters in suspenseful storylines and richly detailed illustrations. Thanks to Father and Son Read-Aloud Stories, the popular narratives "Puss in Boots" and "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" are brilliantly reinvented in new magical adventures.

After enjoying a meal prepared on your Foreman Grill, consider reading Let George Do It (Simon & Schuster, $15.95; ages 4 to 8). Taken from the life experiences of two-time heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman, Let George Do It is a zany frolic around the Foreman house, where five children share the same name. With Papa George's birthday coming soon, it's up to each George to do his part in preparing for the big day. Foreman penned this children's adventure with the help of Fran Manushkin. Illustrator Whitney Martin vividly captured the warmth of the Foreman clan with page-turning flair.

Why Explore? (Tricycle Press, $15.95; ages 6 and older) offers small voyagers a galaxy of answers to the age-old question. Written in luminous prose, Why Explore? takes a clever approach to discovery through the eyes of young scientists, navigators, astronomers and early settlers. Written by Susan Lendroth and illustrated by Enrique S. Moreiro, Why Explore? is a good read for curious youngsters.

- Angela Scott

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