Book: A Child's World

"How come she's got what she's got when I've only got what I've got?"

"I like to dream about bad things. Like monsters. I go into the dream and they chase me but then I blink and then I see another story."

"I am not sure how clouds get formed. But the clouds know how to do it, and that is the important thing."

A Child's World is a collection of quotes like this... little nuggets of wisdom from the mouths of babes. The authors range from ages 2-10 but are most often 3-5. The book manages to capture that age where kids are getting really big thoughts for the first time, but haven't yet learned the pat phrases we've used to describe them.

Laura Straus assembled this book by interviewing and photographing the very young in a number of households. The black and white photography, like the quotations, focuses on capturing moments... those brief instants in the lives of our children that we wish we could hold onto.

Two kids run down a hillside covered by a thin sheet of fall leaves.

A girl tries to whisper into a boy's ear, but misses and squashes her nose against his head.

Another girl walks through the field and casts wondering eyes at the sky...

"For me it seems like I've only been alive just since yesterday."

This book is the next best thing to your own photo album.

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