Blogging for Moms

Had a bad day? A good day? Why not blog about it?

Blogging is the hottest Internet trend. Web surfers are using this latest form of media to reach out to the global community and share their life in a digital twist on an old-fashioned concept – journaling. Except instead of locking your secret thoughts away, a blog (a fusion of “Web” and “log”) is more of a public online chat where you do all the talking and wait for someone else to write a response.

Anyone can blog, and you don’t need your own Web site to do it. How do you get started? Click through to to get a tutorial on what blogging is all about. If you’re interested, you can use this Web site to start your own blog. Post a profile, and online users can find you based on your interests. Other sites that offer similar information and opportunities include, and

There are dozens of blogging communities for moms and several that address specific aspects of motherhood – new moms, single moms, stay-at-home moms, work-at-home moms, etc. Discover why other moms blog at’s article on blogger moms.

Then surf to the first Web site to bring blogging mothers together: It’s actually a “Web ring” – a central location where you can find the Web sites that feature other moms who blog. Its FAQ section has detailed information on how to post a blog – with or without fancy software.

Whatever type of mom you are, or whatever special interest you have, you’ll find someone blogging about it at For a look at a mom who blogs on her blogging Web site, visit

Happy blogging!

--Troy Corley