Blended Families: When Itís Time to Seek Professional Help

Red Flags for Kids:

  • Ongoing or escalating misbehavior at home or school.

  • Falling grades.

  • Angry outbursts at anyone in the situation.

  • A pattern of crying easily or often, even when things in the household have settled into a steady routine.

  • Difficulties with sleep or eating, whether too much or not enough.

  • Repeated stomachaches, headaches, sore throats or other stress symptoms.

  • Ongoing arguing between any family members.

  • Noticeable personality changes in kids of any age.

  • Spending lots of time away from the house.

  • Becoming increasingly withdrawn, not talking with anyone in the house.

  • Kids reporting negative comments and conversations from the other household.

Red Flags for Adults:

  • Angry outbursts at anyone in the situation.

  • Increasing or ongoing arguments.

  • Obvious differences in the discipline or treatment of stepchildren versus biological kids.

  • Withdrawing or refusing to discuss situations in the household.

  • Difficulties with food or sleep, or other stress-related symptoms.

  • Increased use of alcohol or other unproductive coping skills.

  • Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, crying a lot.

  • Struggles and conflicts about money.

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