Birthday Party Resources

By Carol Band


There are dozens of books offering birthday party ideas and tips. Here are a few of the standouts and newer offerings:

Kids’ Outdoor Parties, by Penny Warner, Meadowbrook, 1999.

Kids’ Party Games and Activities, by Penny Warner, Meadowbrook, 1993.

Lithgow Party Paloozas! 52 Unexpected Ways to Make a Birthday, Holiday, or Any Day a Celebration for Kids, by John Lithgow, Simon & Schuster, 2005.

The Ultimate Birthday Party Book: 50 Complete and Creative Themes to Make Your Kid’s Special Day Fantastic!, by Susan Baltrus, Cook Communications Ministries, 2002.

The Party Continues!

If you’re considering hosting your child’s birthday party at home, you’ll want to read How to Host a Memorable, Fun-Filled Birthday Party at Home. We’ll offer helpful tips on how to plan a fun-filled party at home without breaking your budget or getting an ulcer.

Looking for more birthday party planning ideas and tips for hosting a Great Birthday Bash? Check out "Are You Rady to Party?" 

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Carol Band is the undisputed birthday party guru for United Parenting Publications. A veteran of birthdays, she is a freelance writer and mother of three.