Be a DJ or a Dancer
Put some pizzazz into your life by making a date with some heart-thumping programs sure to tickle your fancy all year long.
BodyText>DM2, by Apzu Inc.; Windows 95 or higher; for teens of all ages; approx. $100

BodyText>You can totally rock out with the DM2 (Digital Music Mixer), which turns your PC into a veritable disc jockey station. This is the first integrated hardware-software system that enables music lovers to create real-time club music mixes. By integrating Mixman software and the DM2 mixing unit (a two-turntable deck), users can mix, remix, scratch, warp, save, e-mail and broadcast music. Select from over 600 individual audio tracks or add your own and just go for it. DM2 is one of the most sought-after titles on the market. Check it out and see why.

BodyText>Dance, Dance Revolution, by Konami; for PlayStation; all ages; approx. $29 (CD); two-dance-pad pack approx. $80;

BodyText>Put on your dancing shoes! Then put the Dance, Dance Revolution CD into your PlayStation, place the controller (dance mat) on the floor, and show ’em your moves. Single or two-player modes dance to more than 25 high-energy songs (pop, disco, Latin, techno or house) and as steps are choreographed, visuals display on the PlayStation console (along with number of calories burned and workout goals). Multiple settings make this dance system accessible to all ages. So dance for the fun and the health of it!

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From United Parenting Publications, February 2002.