Bathtub Safety
Each year, more than half of the drownings among U.S. infants occur in bathtubs, according to the National Safe Kids Campaign. Ten percent of drownings among children of all ages occur in bathtubs, most often when adults aren’t present. In addition, 5,000 children a year require emergency room treatment for tap water burns. The following safety tips will help you prevent injury to children in your bathroom:

• Keep young children out of the bathroom unless you are watching them closely. Even the few seconds you take to answer the doorbell or phone while a child is bathing can be deadly – a young child can drown in a matter of seconds in less than two inches of water. (Similarly, babies and toddlers can even drown falling into a toilet. Use toilet locks and latches to keep them safe).

Childproof your bathroom. When designing your bathroom, make sure tub faucets are placed away from the spout and out of the child’s reach. Also, choose tubs with a nearly flat bottom and a nonslip surface.

Cover the bathtub spout to prevent your child from banging his head against it by accident.

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