Baby Naming in a Bad Economy

Baby Naming in Tough TimesAll the bad news about the economic downturn, housing foreclosures and huge losses in retirement and education savings accounts have made this period of time more than a little depressing. If you’re expecting, you might want to counter that negative energy with an upbeat, stress-free baby name.

Baby-naming experts Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, the authors of several baby name books, have developed a "Relief Package for Baby Namers" on their online blog, Nameberry.

Whatever you do, these two naming experts say, steer clear of names that now have negative connotations: Fanny, Mae, Freddie, Mac, Morgan and Stanley. And avoid names like Tank or Trip. Shoot for something positive.

Here, adapted from their blog, are new recommendations from Redmond Satran and Rosenkrantz:

Pick a name with a happy meaning. Amy, Bliss, Blythe, Edwina, Farah, Felicity, Gioia, Joy, Merry and Sunshine are among the girls’ names that connote happiness, hope, friendliness and good luck. For boys, consider Asher, Auden, Bellamy, Darwin, Felix and Rafiq.

Pick a nursery rhyme name. You’ll recapture the innocence of bygone childhood with names like Dolly, Jenny, Jill, Lucy, Mary, Polly or Rosie for girls; and Georgie, Jack, Peter, Robin, Simon or Willie for boys.

Try a Disney name. “The happiest place on earth” has to mean something in these depressing times! Consider Ariel, Belle, Briar Rose, Fiona or Jasmine for girls and Buzz, Eric, Hercules, Jafar, Mickey and Toulouse for boys.

Consider a virtuous name. Amity, Charity, Grace, Honor, Hope, Faith, Justice, Mercy, Patience, Prudence, Serenity, True or Verity put forth a positive message about a child’s character.

Pick a peaceful name. NBA superstar Allen Iverson recently named his fifth child Dream, a calm, comforting moniker also given to the daughter of rappers Sole and Ginuine in 2002. Those performers named their other daughter Story, which has a similar calming feel to it. You could also consider Fable, Haven or Prairie.