Baby & Child CPR

If your child were to need CPR in the next five minutes, would you be able to perform this lifesaving procedure?

Film producer Ben Myron and his wife, Emily, wanted to be prepared, so before their first child was born, they took a pediatric CPR course. When their daughter was 6 months old, something caught in her throat momentarily. Fortunately, everything turned out fine. "But at that moment," says Myron, "we realized that we’d forgotten what we’d learned in the CPR course."

The couple tried to find a videotape to refresh their memories, but the only good ones available were designed for medical professionals. So Myron, who has produced family movies such as Barney’s Great Adventure and Mr. Magoo, decided to produce Baby & Child CPR, a video for parents and anyone else who cares for a child.

I found the video easy to follow and a good refresher course, since, like many parents, I first took an infant/child CPR class when my son was a baby. (He’s now 6, so you can guess how much I remembered.)

Baby & Child CPR is based on American Heart Association guidelines, and the production was supervised by experts in pediatric cardiology and pediatric emergency medicine. It is divided into two sections: Infant (birth to 1 year) and Child (1 to 8 years). The video is available (in English or Spanish) for $14.95 plus $2.50 shipping (add $1.25 tax in California). To order, call 800-BABY-CPR or visit