Baby Alerts

First to Know:
 Updates on Prenatal Testing: If you’re pregnant, you’re no stranger to prenatal testing. Routine prenatal care requires multiple tests to screen for potential maternal and fetal health problems. What these tests are, and when they are given, however, are beginning to change. 
 Recommended Prenatal Tests: Prenatal tests enable physicians and midwives to monitor maternal-fetal well-being and to determine their risk for complications. Most of the time these tests simply reassure that all is going well. If a concern is indicated, however, parents can work with a genetic counselor to find out more information.
 Bouncing Babies Feel the Beat: Body movement teaches musical rhythm perception. Bouncing a baby on your knee while singing a song or nursery rhyme is a sure-fire way to elicit giggles and grins. It also happens to be how babies learn to dance to the beat for the rest of their lives.
 Preventing Obesity: Obesity begins in infancy, or before. Several risk factors for developing obesity have been identified, and all form during the first year of life or prenatally.
 Research Briefs:
 Does alcohol aid lactation? Alcohol consumption reduces milk supply: For centuries, doctors and midwives around the world have claimed that alcohol, especially beer, helps improve the quality and amount of milk a nursing mother produces. A new study, however, shows that alcohol consumption by lactating women reduces, rather than increases, milk supply.
 Breastfeeding and its effects on blood pressure: A new study has found that exclusive breastfeeding may also be associated with lower blood pressure in later years.