Autism Resources

Autism and the spectrum of disorders associated with it is now believed to affect one in every 166 children. It’s one of the most common developmental disorders in the United States. The following articles and resources will help you better understand autism and its related disorders.

Floortime: A 'Breakthrough' on Autism Treatment
An Interview with Dr. Stanley Greenspan on the New "Floortime" Approach

Autusm: Lessons from Noah
A parent's perspective

Understanding Autism
Autism and the spectrum of disorders associated with autism are severe social relatedness and communication disorders. A redefinition of autism, earlier diagnosis and new treatments are cause for hope.

Other Disorders in the Autistic Spectrum
Autism is a spectrum disorder. The symptoms and characteristics of autism can present themselves in a wide variety of combinations, from mild to severe. 

Research May Lead to Early Autism Test
Scientists in California have discovered evidence that might one day lead to a routine test for autism that could be performed at birth.

Autism: Online Resources