Airport Math: Teaching Moments in the Terminal

4 Fun Tips Ready for Takeoff!

Summer travel season is in full swing. And whether you're taking the kids to Disney World, Hawaii, Europe or elsewhere, chances are you have a lot of time to kill while crossing all those miles - especially if you're confined to an airplane seat. What a great time to spring some math on your kids! As you'll see with these tips from Mathnasium learning centers, math is everywhere - even 30,000 feet in the air!

1. Delayed Departure - Your flight from San Francisco to Boston is delayed by one hour and 15 minutes. If you were supposed to take off at 8 a.m. for the five-hour flight, what time will you now be arriving in Boston? Remember: Boston is three hours ahead of San Francisco. [Answer: 5:15 p.m.]

2. In-Flight Movie Time - Your child's favorite movie is going to be playing on your three-hour flight from Texas to New York. If the movie begins one hour into the flight, and the movie lasts 90 minutes, how much time will be left in your flight after the movie is over? [Answer: 30 minutes]

3. Please, Take Your Seats - Flight Attendant Floyd is having a tough time figuring out how many passengers will be on today's booked flight to Hawaii. Let's help him out: (A) There are 35 rows of seats in Coach, with six seats per row. How many seats are in this section? (B) There are six rows with two seats per row in First Class. How many seats are there in First Class? (C) How many seats total are on this plane? [Answers: (A) 210 seats, (B) 12 seats, (C) 222 seats]

4. Now Boarding - There are 222 booked seats on a plane to Disney World. First, the 10 preboarding passengers enter the plane. Then 64 passengers board when Section A is called, and 50 passengers board when Section B is called. How many more seats need to be filled with passengers before the plane takes off? [Answer: 98 seats]

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