Age-Appropriate Toys
The surest way to keep kids safe, happy and developing appropriately at play is to make sure they’re playing with age-appropriate toys. That may mean keeping older children’s toys out of the reach of younger kids, particularly when safety is an issue. Here are some recommendations for age-appropriate toys from the National SAFEKIDS Campaign.


• activity quilts

• stuffed animals (without button noses and eyes)

• bath toys

• soft dolls

• baby swings

• cloth books

• squeaky toys

Ages 1 to 3

• books

• blocks

• balls

• push-and-pull toys

• pounding toys

• shape toys

Ages 5 to 9

• craft materials

• jump ropes

• puppets

• books

• trains and other electric and battery-operated toys for kids ages 8 and over

Ages 9 to 14

• computers

• microscopes

• table and board games

• sports equipment (with protective gear included)

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Additional Resource
The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission offers detailed information on the kinds of safe toys that are ideal for kids at different ages. Browse their list of
Toy Safety Publications and look for "Which Toy for Which Child."