About Judy Molland

Straight Talk About Schools Today - Understand the System and Help Your Child SucceedAs a teacher for the past 25 years, Judy Molland has had an inside view on education. She has taught in a wide range of classrooms, from kindergarten in Berkeley, Calif., to every grade between fourth and 12th in both public and private schools from Brooklyn, N.Y., to Simi Valley, Calif. She currently teaches part-time in Mountain View, Calif.

As an award-winning education writer for the past decade, Judy has written about the full spectrum of educational issues for, Dominion Parenting Media and other publications and Web sites. Perhaps most important, however, as the mother of a now-grown son, she understands parents’ perspective and concerns about their children’s education.

In her new book, Straight Talk About Schools Today (Free Spirit Publishing, 2007), Judy helps parents find the answers they need to the real-life questions that arise around their children’s school experiences. She provides insight, understanding and useful advice in a “we’re all in this together” style that is both reassuring and easy to use.

"In my role as a teacher and as a parent, I too have searched for answers," Judy writes in the book’s introduction. "I know what it's like to help a child start out in a new school, to look for the right school official to work with, and to attempt to navigate a sometimes confusing system... I hope to stimulate and support your participation in your child's schooling and school system in a way that ensures your daughter or son will get the best education possible."

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