A Successful Summer for Teens: Tips for Finding Summer Jobs and Internships


by Tina Krinsky

 Good news for teens and parents as summer jobs for teens are on the rise.  According to an analysis of labor data, almost 160,000 teens found summer jobs last month nationwide.  That is more than twice the number of jobs added in May, 2011. 

Tina Krinsky, teen lifestyle expert and Chief Visionary Officer of Julian Krinsky Camps & Programsteen job tips (, offers great tips on how teens can find summer jobs or internships, and make the most of them.

Utilize social media networks like Linked In and Facebook.  Don’t be shy to ask your network about job opportunities and let them know what you are looking for.

Having trouble finding an internship?  There are companies and summer programs that help place teens in internships.  Let them help you.

If you know of a great company that will help you with future career goals offer to be an unpaid intern. Summer jobs are not always about making money but about the opportunity to learn skills and meet important people that will pay off big time in the long run. This will help you gain insight into the daily workings of your business of choice. You can learn about dressing professionally, socializing in an office setting or using new technology.  This is also a great way to secure letters of recommendation for college and future job applications.

Do what YOU want to do, not just what your friends are doing.  Summer is a great time to focus on your unique personality, distinguish yourself, formulate your own opinions and explore your individual potential.

Consider interning or working away from home. When living and working in a new community or city you will also be networking with new people. Plus, living somewhere new can be a real growing experience.  But whether you stay near home or travel, treat everyone you meet as someone who could change your life. With social media it’s easy to stay in touch and you never know when a future college recommendation or job opportunity may come from it.