A New, Natural Technique for Gender Selection

NT face=Verdana>The ability to choose the gender of ones children prior to conception has been a pursuit of man since the earliest recorded history.  This desire spans cultural boundaries and recommendations for achieving this goal are found in a variety of religious teachings.  Until recently, this ability has been elusive.  With an increased understanding of the many factors that influence the natural gender selection process, a breakthrough product for preconception gender selection was developed over the course of eight years by a physician and scientist team.

NT face=Verdana>The team formed a company, GenSelect, at NT face=Verdana>www.GenSelect.comNT face=Verdana> , which, for the past three years, has been offering a method to successfully choose the gender of a couples’ next child – prior to conception.  This method is called the GenSelect Fully Integrated Program and is the culmination of over thirty years of research contributed by a multitude of researchers from around the world.  The NT face=Verdana>GenSelectNT face=Verdana> method has been utilized by several thousand people in over fifty countries.  All aspects have been scientifically shown to impact the natural gender selection process.

NT face=Verdana>Many factors influence natural gender selection and typically have a random impact on the resulting gender of the child.  NT face=Verdana>GenSelectNT face=Verdana> takes advantage of these otherwise random influences and aligns them so that they collectively create a strong bias for the conception of a chosen gender. The Fully Integrated Program has been packaged in a convenient, all inclusive kit which allows a couple to complete the Program in the privacy of their own home.  The medical devices incorporated in the kit have all received FDA approval and the kits are produced in an environmentally controlled factory.  NT face=Verdana>GenSelect’sNT face=Verdana> goal is enabling its clientele to choose the gender of their next child successfully and safely.
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