A Musical Mix of Holiday Pix
Like it or not, the holidays are here again. And thereís nothing better than giving music for the holidays. To make your job easier, I have rounded up some holiday music recommended by Santaís reindeer:

Dasher here, and I give a big hoofs-up for Time To Sing! At Christmas (The Center for Creative Play, $16.99 CD;, 800-977-5708). In these traditional Christmas songs arranged for children of all ages and abilities by James Coffey, the words are sung at a pace that anyone can keep up with, even if they arenít speed-demon reindeer like me.†

Dancer loves those kid choirs cranking out holiday favorites that he can, well, dance to, of course. Dancer recommends a double-header CD complete with lyrics, coloring pages and a price not even the elves could beat: Crayola Kidsí Christmas Favorites and Crayola Kidsí Christmas Carols (Madacy Kids, $5.98 each;, 800-784-0991).

For starters, Prancerís not my real name, but thatís another story. My pick is a trifecta from Mesa, Ariz., called A Holly Jolly Christmas For Kids (Childrenís Holiday Records, $20.99 for all three CDs; 480-964-8147). Youíll love this comprehensive collection, or Santaís not fat.

Psst Ö over here, itís Vixen. Iím a reindeer of the feminine persuasion and I just love a nice romantic solo piano, so my pick is David Tolleyís Christmas Classics (US Records; $14.95 CD, $9.95 cassette;, 800-724-1542). These 27 beautifully played songs ring in at more than 72 minutesĖ quantity and quality!

Iím Comet, and Iím going for something completely different: Alice in Vivaldiís Four Seasons: The Music Game (Music Games International, $19.95 CD-ROM;, 617-868-8026.). Itís a CD-ROM interactive educational game that just goes ta show ya what wouldíve happened if Vivaldi and Lewis Carroll had collaborated. This game is packed with fun features for hours of family enjoyment. Thereís also a bonus CD of Vivaldiís Viva Antonio.

Hey, hey, happy Kwanzaa from Cupid! Grammy Award-winning songwriter Bunny Hullís Happy Happy Kwanzaa (Kids Creative Classics; $16.95 CD and activity pack, $10.95 cassette and activity pack;; 323-932-0534) is my pick. Uplifting songs of self-esteem and self-determination.

ē Hi, Iím Donder, a.k.a. Donner. Call me Donny Ė itís all good. My jeans just fell apart, but the Von Trapp genes are definitely filled with the sound of music. I say try the newest release from the great-grandchildren of the most famous singing Austrian family ever: Christmas with The Von Trapp Children (Rattlesby Records, $18 CD;

And I should be last? Hello, Iím Blitzen, and Iím proud as an elf on Christmas Eve to let you know about Celebrate Hanukkah (Craig íní Co., $15 CD;, 818-760-1077) the first in a fine series of new Jewish music compilations from Craig Taubman. If this doesnít get you in the spirit, then check into Cedars. Enough said, but check out the series.

So what about Rudolph? Heís already in the holiday spirit and listening to Chanukah At Home (Rounder Records, $12.99 CD;, 800-ROUNDER), a combination of traditional Jewish and Yiddish material with many new songs.

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From United Parenting Publications, December 2003.†