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A Household Word Archive

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A Household Word: Collecting Dust (May 2008)
Barbies are hot collectibles. Unfortunately, Perry\'s collection is a heap of naked, natty-haired blondes - all are missing their boxes and a few are even missing their heads...

The Grass is Always Greener (April 2008)
Lawns need to eat, too! Who knew? Carol Band discovers why the grass is always greener next door. Lawns need good parenting, too!

Brace Yourself (March 2008)
In the 24 hours that Carol\'s son has had braces, he\'s complained that his teeth hurt, that the braces are cutting the inside of his mouth and that he is in excruciating pain. It’s not often you get to lavish so much money on your kid and still come away feeling like an abusive parent.March 2008

Throwing in the Towel (February 2008)>
Word problem: If you have 28 clean towels and three kids, how long will they last?
Carol has the answer...

If You Give a Mouse a Cheez-It (January 2008)
I raced downstairs and found my daughter, Perry, standing on the kitchen table. "MOUSE!" she gasped, pointing to a corner. Sure, my housekeeping standards are what some call "relaxed," and it\'s true that our obese cat rarely ventures from the couch, but I blame the recent rodent invasion on my kids.

Wii Wish You a Merry Christmas (December 2007)
Every year, my youngest son makes a Christmas list. It\'s an exercise in greed and it\'s a chance for him to cling to the possibility that there just might be a Santa.

If We Lived on a Farm (November 2007)
If I could do it all again, I would make my kids do more chores. My son Lewis is at the kitchen table eating Froot Loops and reading the back of the milk carton. It\'s organic milk, the carton explains, produced by cows whose blissful days on the farm are described like a spa vacation. "Why can\'t we live on a farm?" Lewis asks with a newfound interest in the agrarian life...

Right from the Gecko (October 2007)
Buying presents for preteens is tough. For my son\'s 12th birthday, he said he wanted a dirt bike, a cell phone, an Xbox 360 or a gecko.

10,000 Steps in My Shoes (September 2007)
I got a pedometer for Mother\'s Day and hadn\'t taken it out of the box. I had planned to walk all summer. Instead I told myself that I was getting plenty of exercise hanging around the shallow end of the town pool yakking with the other moms and eating fudgesicles while the kids went off the high dive. Maybe the water just made me feel lighter. Anyhow - it was too hot to walk.

Two Whole Weeks (August 2007)
For two whole weeks my husband and I will enjoy adult conversation, dinners at restaurants that don\'t give out crayons with the menu and total control of the car radio.

Play It Again, Mom (July 2007)

My oldest son took up cello in third grade, then guitar, then piano and even dabbled with an electric mandolin. Finally, he decided that what he really wanted to play was video games.
Making Memories? Forget It! (June 2007)
We spent three days tracking Mickey through the Magic Kingdom and when the big photo moment finally arrived, Lewis burst into tears and clung to my leg. How could he not remember?

/article-topics.php?Article_ID=10241\">A Household Word: Chips and Flushes (May 2007)
My husband likes to watch professional poker on television. Not me. Frankly, I think that watching people play cards is about as exciting as watching the shower curtain mildew.

/article-topics.php?Article_ID=10176\">A Household Word: Dinner Is Served (April 2007)
This morning, when the alarm went off, I knew I was already behind schedule. I should have been marinating the meat, chilling the wine and repainting the dining room.

/article-topics.php?Article_ID=10136\">Dirty Socks and Carbon Footprints (March 2007)
I feel good that my family is doing more to help protect our planet. Personally, I think laying off the housework can really make a difference. Global warming is probably the most serious issue affecting our planet. Although I suspect if we all simply stopped driving our kids to soccer, the Earth would plummet into another Ice Age...

/article-topics.php?Article_ID=10080\">Running on Kid Time (February 2007)
If you set your clock to kid time, an hour of TV isn’t nearly enough, 9 p.m. is way too early for bed, and Saturday morning, while your parents are still sleeping, is the perfect time to try to cut your own bangs.

/article-topics.php?Article_ID=10016\">Oh-Key, No-Key (January 2007)
"Mooooommmmm … have you seen the key?" The key in question opens the back door to my neighbors\' house. My son, Lewis, is their dog walker. This means that every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school, he is expected to feed, walk and (ahem) clean up after their huge, slobbering St. Bernard/shepherd mix. Today is Thursday. It is his third day on the job.

-topics.php?Article_ID=9966\">Mom Shoots and Misses (December 2006)
Other parents began to take pity on me and gave me copies of their photos. So, now I have lots of snapshots that feature other people\'s children - with my kid playing a supporting role.

-topics.php?Article_ID=9843\">Hide and Sneak (October 2006)
My kids don\'t trust me. It\'s not because I snoop in their rooms, or listen in on their phone conversations or rummage through their backpacks without permission. It\'s because I mess with their food...

-topics.php?Article_ID=9804\">Picture Perfect (September 2006)
I continue to provide fodder for the tabloids. If only they were paying attention!

-topics.php?Article_ID=9745\">I Can Wait (August 2006)
Some people complain about waiting. Not me. I like it. Waiting is doing nothing. And I like doing nothing.

-topics.php?Article_ID=9697\">Camp Is In-tents (July 2006)
Fear, guilt, and loneliness are just a few of the feeling associated with a child’s first overnight, away from home, summer camp experience. And that’s only the parents...

-topics.php?Article_ID=9646\">Mission Transmission (June 2006)
Why is it that my husband, who claims he can\'t hear a child wailing in the middle of the night, in the very next room, is able to detect a tiny little sound coming from deep within a car engine?

-topics.php?Article_ID=9616\">Mother Day Rocks! (May 2006)
Every Mother\'s Day I get a rock. I\'m not talking about the kind that\'s weighed in carats or set in sterling silver. I\'m talking about the ordinary, igneous or sedimentary garden-variety rock.

-topics.php?Article_ID=9584\">Opposites Attract (April 2006)
Opposites not only attract, they often get married. Maybe it\'s nature\'s way of strengthening the gene pool. My husband and I are opposites... He likes Pulp Fiction, I like Pride and Prejudice. He always has his cell phone, I can never find mine...

My Sink Runneth Over (March 2006)
My husband views our quarter acre of suburbia as a battleground. It\'s us against the crabgrass, the neighbors and the appliances. Today, he meets the enemy head-on with a can of Drano and a coat hanger.

Do the Math (February 2006)
Last night, my son Lewis asked me to help him with his math homework. He is in the sixth grade. So, naturally, I was stumped.

Mom Jeans (January 2006)
If you\'re like me, and still think that thongs are footwear, you probably don\'t wear low-rise jeans. You probably wear Mom Jeans. And, if you\'re like me, they make you look fat. That\'s what my teenage daughter says. She says that my faded jeans, the ones that button at the waist and taper at the ankle, are really unflattering. She says that hip-hugging, dark-rinsed, flared jeans are more slimming. Like anyone who weighs 103 pounds would know.