6 Quick Ideas for Re-purposing Baby Stuff

By Kristi Hemingway 

Here are six easy and quick repurposing ideas for baby gear.

1. Convert changing tables into a storage unit. Add a few baskets or bins for socks, shoes, small toys, etc. If you've bought a sturdy piece, your child should be able to use it in his room for years to come. 

2. Small hangers made for baby clothes are great for hanging pants, scarves and ties. You canrepurpose baby gear also use them for bags, bras, and belts. You may also be able to reuse them on your child's toddler clothing, just check to make sure the size is appropriate. 

3. Burp cloths and old cloth diapers make the best cleaning rags! If you’ve got a mop that uses the disposable mop pads, most burp cloths are the perfect size for a washable reusable variety. A real money saver! You can also just reuse them for drying dishes, cleaning cabinets, or dusting. Your dust rag pile can always use a few more additions. 

4. Cleaned and sanitized teething rings and teething toys are great to freeze and throw in your insulated lunch bag instead of using ice or buying ice packs. You can also use them as ice packs for small injuries or headaches. 

5. Use waterproof changing pads on tables or countertops during messy activities, such as painting, as bath mats, under the sheets for bed-wetting, or under the dog’s dish. Keep these around - you never know when you'll need to use them. 

6. Use cleaned and sanitized old baby bottles as shakers for smoothies, powdered paint or salad dressing. You can also use them for your children's art projects - have them make a creative bud vase with a 4 oz bottle, or a colored pencil cup with a full-sized bottle. 

Kristi Hemingway is a freelance writer and mother of two.