21st Century Scrapbooking: Build A Web Site for Family Photos

by Amy McCarthy

Sharing photos and videos of your children with distant family or friends that you don't see often has never been easier. Check out these tips for some "21st Century Scrapbooking."

- Create a private Flickr account. Flickr, a Yahoo-owned website, is great for sharing photos with family and friends. You can make your account private and only share the photos with people you want to see them. Your family and friends can comment on photos and share themsaving memories onlinevia e-mail.

- Use Facebook. If you're friends on Facebook with your family and friends, create albums of your child and capture spontaneous moments with your digital camera or smartphone. You can also make Facebook albums private and share them with specific Facebook friends, so your work friends won't have to be inundated with your child's cake smash photos.

- Create a photobook. Vacations, holidays, birthdays, and milestones like the first day of school can all be beautifully captured in web-created photobooks. Sites like Shutterfly and even pharmacies like Walgreens offer options to arrange your photos into photo books that they will bind, print, and ship to your home! You can even add creative design options like borders, art, and other personalization. 

- Scan in your photos. If you've got boxes and boxes of photos stuffed into closets, spend an afternoon scanning them into your computer or saving them on an external hard drive. You'll have an opportunity to organize your physical and digital photos at the exact same time! From there, you can always search your computer for photos to use in physical or digital scrapbooks.

- Start a blog. Moms all over the country are using blogging platforms like Wordpress and Blogger to tell the stories of their lives and families. You can set up a free blog account, customize it to your liking, and being sharing photos and stories of your family. As you continue to blog, you will have created a "family diary" that you can look back on for years! 

-Get your children involved! You can safely create blog and social networking accounts for kids on sites like They can share photos, stories, artwork, and other creations with grandparents and friends. Be sure to monitor, though, to make sure that everything they're posting is safe. They should never tell anyone online their address or reveal too much identifying information. 

Updated August 2012