New Uses for Old Baby Things

Bogged Down in Baby Gear?

By Kristi Hemingway 

I traveled to a family reunion with my two children when they were 10 months and 2 years old. I remember stuffing our minivan with enough paraphernalia to furnish a small country – and we were only staying for four days! Babies require a lot of equipment. Now, only a few years later, my kids travel with one small bag, which they pack and carry themselves. Babies outgrow those oh-so-essential accessories in a heartbeat, leaving us buried in burp rags. Whether you’re in the thick of the diapering stage – or well out of it – here are some ideas for repurposing, rather than tossing, all the stuff.

You’ve Got Nursing Pads

Re-Purpose: Disposable breast pads soaked in witch hazel make great grown-up-girl facial wipes.

More Ideas:

– Use one inside a shoe that is slightly too big to keep the heel from rubbing. – Place one or more under drips in pipes.

– Wipe off excess water from a paintbrush after rinsing. Nursing pads are absorbent, convenient and easier to use than paper towels.

– Reuse them over and over as makeup-remover pads.

– The washable cotton pads work great to wax and polish shoes and boots.

You’ve Got Baby Food Jars

Baby Food JarsRe-Purpose: Organize! Beads and sequins in the craft corner, rubber bands and paper in the office, and screws, nails and washers in the garage. Save space by gluing the lid to an overhanging cabinet, and screw the jar into it.

More Ideas:

– Snack container. Great for holding small portions of Cheerios, or salad dressing for your lunch. – Candles. Most are big enough to hold a tea light. You can decorate the outside to make them look pretty. – Storing jars for homegrown herbs or spices.

– Fill with gifts: homemade bath salts, drink mixes, dried herbs, etc. – A homemade snow globe!

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