Fun and Creative Ways to Tell the World You're Pregnant

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By Jennifer Newton Reents

Ever since you were a little girl, you knew you wanted to be a mom - and now it's your turn to tell the world you're going to be one! So why not make this special time in your life memorable by finding out about some creative ways other parents announced the miracle to friends and relatives?Fun and Creative Ways to Tell the World You're Pregnant

When it comes to sharing the happy news for the first time, early ultrasound images always come in handy; even if your baby looks like a little peanut, chances are your friends and relatives will figure it out.

"I had an ultrasound to confirm my pregnancy, and the doctor sent me home with my son's first baby picture," says Shelly Zeck. "He was merely a black and white dot of six weeks on thermo paper, but I placed it in a card with a note saying, 'You may not see the family resemblance yet, but you will in about nine months,' and gave it to my parents. Once they figured out what they were looking at, they were ecstatic."

After suffering two miscarriages, Laura Hunter Koch couldn't believe she was pregnant again. She left the videotape of her ultrasound in the VCR with the words "Play Me" for her husband to view. To Laura's amazement, after watching the video, she explained that her big, tough husband grabbed her around the waist, put his head to her stomach and sobbed.

What Is It? - Kathryn Makeever gave her saxophone-playing husband a Valentine's card with the positive pregnancy test tucked inside. He took a look at the test and asked, "Is this stick a new kind of reed for my saxophone?" Sometimes, the most creative methods require a few moments of thought before the meaning is understood!

Passion Play - Coffee lover Katie Gustafsson used her passion for coffee to help her tell her husband they were expecting. "When we had been talking about getting pregnant, Mikael and I had discussed [how] I would have to give [coffee] up once I became pregnant and how difficult that would be," she says. When she saw the test result was positive, Gustafsson called her husband at work and asked him to bring a jar of decaf coffee home. "It took a minute or two, but then he yelled, 'Are we pregnant?'"

Who's the Baby? - April Patterson and her husband work together. After arriving home from a particularly bad day at the office, he opened a box from his wife with a pacifier inside and replied, "What? Are you trying to say I've been a baby at work?"

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