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Nappa Award WinnersThe National Parenting Publications Awards for Parenting Resources showcase the best in books, CDs, baby gear and innovative products that help make parenting easier and more fun.  Meet the Parenting Resources judges.


Quick Change Crib

Innovative Crib Designs; $349;
This classic birch crib has one unique feature: the panel at the foot of the crib is hinged to open out like a door. Huzzah! Gone are the days of bending, lifting and battling the mattress! To change baby’s sheets, just open the door and slide the mattress out, without disturbing crib mobiles and toys along the railing. The crib also includes an easy-drop side, locking casters, a clear plastic teething guard, and five attractive finishes to choose from. The four-step assembly is simplified with a follow-the-photos instruction booklet.
“The crib door is extremely handy, especially being pregnant!”
– Parent Tester
SAFETY TIP: Crib bumpers are not necessary. There should not be anything in the crib that can impair an infant’s ability to breathe if it covers his or her face. If crib bumpers are used, they should not be pillow-like. They should be firm, thin and securely tied to the crib in at least six places. Straps (or ties) should be less than 7 inches to prevent choking.